Factory Automation

There is very high demand for mass production with out compromising the quality of the product to sustain the current competitive market. Most current products have very short life span starting from development to next new product launch. These scenarios require a intelligent factories that can capture dynamic market demands and meet its requirements with in short span. Complete production process like Input material storage, Transfer to assembly, Assembly, Packing, Storing finished goods and Supply chain with logistics requires integrated solution to manage the business efficiently.

At SAI, we understand the needs of the customer in understanding the complete process. Our strong Application Engineering from different domains have years of experience in providing optimized solution. We have vast experience in building various type of large factory automation systems like Automotive assembly lines, Switchgear assembly lines, Failsafe assembly lines, Fully automated packaging lines with ROBOTS & servo systems.

Solutions Offered

Our strong Engineering team understand your manufacturing requirements to provide solutions by means of,
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and fully Automatic assembly lines
  • Automated secondary packaging lines compliant to various standards like FDA CE etc
  • High speed conveying and sorting lines for FMCG segment
  • Automated Logistics management systems for Warehouses and Distribution centres like
    • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
    • Merging and Sortation System
    • Online inspection systems like check weighers, Dimensions etc
    • High speed conveyors and internal transportation systems like AGV/RGV
  • All types of conveyors like Chain, Belt, Modular belt, Roller conveyors, Slat conveyors, Custom built shuttle conveyors etc

Typical Deliverable's

  • Complete design report that has design concept and methodology with process work flow,
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Assembly or Packaging process including the stage
  • Detailed layout with utility and facility requirement
  • Spares list for smooth operation of the system