Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturers are using machine automation and controls to produce quality products faster and more efficiently. The automated systems can provide a great support to help managers make good business decisions with reliability and consistency. The ability to produce a product while providing data is an important part of automation. Manufacturing businesses need skilled people to design and build systems that integrate multiple technologies for provide seamless automated manufacturing systems.

At SAI, we understand that improving efficiency involves more than implementing new technologies. Our automation engineering engineers can help you upgrade or use your existing systems and infrastructure to enhance your plant-centric processes and operations for stronger business performance.

Solutions Offered

  • Our strong Engineering team understand your manufacturing requirements to provide solutions by means of,
  • ROBOTIC welding solutions with Jigs and Fixtures for welded parts
  • Welding fixtures for component manufacturing
  • Automatic machine tending like loading and unloading between various manufacturing cells
  • Inline and offline inspection systems for manufactured parts to reduce the overall cycle time with increased thruput

Typical Deliverables

  • Complete design report that has design concept and methodology with process work flow,
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Manufacturing family tree that defines the manufacturing process including the stage
  • Detailed layout with utility and facility requirement
  • Spares list for smooth operation of the system