SAI was founded by starting its operation with Projects Management Services (PMS). We have very vas experience in PMS by handling large projects like car assembly line for Nissan and Toyota, Plant relocation, Industrial piping and maintaining plants. We have large experienced project management team for PMS who have handled many projects. The major services offered are,
  • Turnkey Project Management Solution
  • Installation support services
  • Industrial piping services

Turnkey Project Management Solutions

We provide total Turnkey Project Management Solutions by way of Consulting and Contracting support for executing Greenfield & Brown field projects particularly for Manufacturing, Ware house, Electronics Assembly and Allied Industries.

Our Turnkey Design-Build Construction Support that includes layout preparation, Utility and Facility build like Fire Safety, Complete Utility Piping, Process piping, Structural work, Security systems, Lighting, Electrical Sub station Building, Liaison with Govt agencies for necessary approval etc,
  • Total Project Management Service
  • Total Infrastructure Development like Buildings, Bridges Construction, Land Levelling, Earth Excavation. Site Development and Filling Work

Installation Support Services

We provide manpower support for wide range of services like,
  • Installation and Commissioning of new plants
  • Plant relocation.
  • Utility and Facility Construction
  • ROBOT teaching
  • Controls Field Wiring and PLC programming with debugging
  • Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Wear parts manufacturing support.

Industrial Piping Service

Turnkey solutions in providing complete Engineering, Fabrication, Construction and Testing of piping lines for industrial manufacturing facilities.

Excellent design team with network of leading consultants to give complete piping scheme with all elements like process valves, pumps, cooling towers and other piping elements.

We provide our expertise service in following areas
  • Complete airline piping with compressor sizing for industries
  • Design, Fabrication and installation of interior and exterior fire sprinkler systems for industrial and commercial establishments.
  • Piping for industrial gases.
  • Special piping design, fabrication and installation like SS piping for process industries like food, beverage and pharmaceuticals,